I've been working with Yash and team since Jan of 2017 on multiple technologies and it's been a wonderful so far. His team is efficient and reliable and always deliver on time. They have a really strong understanding of their domain (mobile apps) and fantastic work ethic and never think twice before burning some midnight oil in order to get the job done. His team is also well equipped to work (and coordinate) with others from around the globe without much hassle. What's best about them is that they treat my products like their own and are always making suggestions that help me save money as well as make my apps better at the same time. My life has certainly become a lot easier with these guys managing my apps. I would recommend this young team to anyone who requires solid solutions to their app requirement.

Xavi Dalmau Sr

I knew I wanted to take my business online and had spoken to a bunch of people about it as well. What really sealed the deal for me was when I spoke to the folks at Last Local Apps. They actually take the time out to listen to their client and help give them perspective – I was not considering the app initially but now I have a website and an Android App. From branding and designs, to development and launch, these guys took care of it all, which gave me important time to focus on my product. They are sincere about their work and honest to their clients, which is what I loved most about them. I’m also going to deploy their services to market my product online and maybe getting the iPhone app up as well.

Akshay Suri

I’ve had the chance to work with Last Local, not as a client but in partnership on more than one occasion and what I really like about these guys is the amount of attention they pay to little details, which normally are easy to miss as well as their focus on user interface – both of which are vital to give users a premium experience. They are also very particular with their testing. If there is a bug, these guys will find it and fix it too, no matter how painstaking the process might be. What I love most about the team however, is that they are upfront and clear with their communication. They don’t beat around the bush. Best wishes to the team and I am really looking forward to collaborating with you guys on a regular basis. Good luck!

Girish Agarwal

I worked with Last Local on a project which went horribly wrong due to a bunch of reasons (nothing to do with Last Local).Things would have fallen apart entirely, hadnt it been for these guys.What they bring to the table is an extremely professional and organised approach to their work.They have built a solid team, and are going about things the right way. I expect them to grow and become major players in this space in the years to come.

Shomik Basu

I wanted to create a Logo for my venture when I reached out to the Last Local team. What I liked the most was how well the team understood exactly what message the logo needed to convey. A brief chat and they shared a number of option for me to look at. Amazing creativity, Great ideas and high TAT. Looking forward to creating an App with you guys soon

Dipti Goel

I've been working with Last Local for over 2 years now and my experience with them has been phenomenal! One because of their design work and two because of their client servicing team. Pranil who i've been in touch for most of the times is very hard-working, sincere & an excellent person to work with. Very dedicated & committed towards his work and what I like the most about him is that he doesn't give in very easily, if there is design he's completely convinced about he'll give his 200% to convince the client as well. Not to forget Chandni, she is very very proactive with her work. Her content writing skills are par excellence. The designers are very co-operative too and work extra hours whenever needed. All in all a fun team to work with.

Lakshmi Varyani