Mumbai Traffic.

A one stop solution for all Mumbai traffic updates and useful information

Mumbai Traffic is a bi-lingual traffic application brought to you by BBC TopGear Magazine India in association with the Mumbai Traffic Police. With this app, you now have real-time traffic updates, the status of traffic across the city, as well as a comprehensive list of traffic regulations for you to educate yourself about the rules of the road at your fingertips.

What we delivered

A few screenshots of our application

Project Details

Client: BBC

Requirement: Design Assets + UI/UX + Android Application

Team Size: 3

Project Details

Being the first project taken up by Last Local, we were privileged to develop something that would help Mumbaikars in their daily commute. The primary challenge for this application was to deliver it in a very short time frame and have a smooth interchange within the two languages. Both challenges were dealt with successfully.

Project Features.

The blocks that made the building

Live Traffic

This function gives live traffic updates on a map. You can check traffic around your location or on the route you are travelling.

Traffic Feed

Get live Twitter feeds about currently blocked or free moving areas and other traffic information from travelers across Mumbai.

Emergency Alert

Send a one-click Emergency Alert to 3 contacts with your current location with a pre-set or customizable text message.

Emergency Contacts

One-click call to all emergency contact points across Mumbai.

Nearest Police Station

Get information and directions to the police station nearest to your location.

Offences & Penalties

Know all the driving, parking and licensing restrictions and offences, towing fines and their respective penalty amount.


Get a step-by-step guidance for acquiring licenses, registering your vehicle, understanding road signs and getting an NOC.
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