Metal Calculator.

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Metal calculator is a simple app for calculating weights of different types of metals and steel products of different grade and shapes.

What we delivered

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Project Details

Client: Metal Calculator

Requirement: iOS + Android Application

Team Size: 3

Project Details

Metal Calculator is an in-house utility app we created for the steel industry. It comes in handy for weighing all kinds of metal and steel products of different grade and shapes. You can now weigh a 20 ton pipe without even lifting a finger, well except for clicking on "weigh".

Project Features.

The blocks that made the building

Metal Weight Calculator

Calculate weight or length of various metal shapes, grades and sizes.

Pipe Schedule & Dimensions

Determine the outer dimensions and thickness of pipes with different NB and Sch.

Chemical Composition

Review the chemical composition, application and characteristic of stainless steel grades.

Custom Duty Calculator

Calculate the duty on import of any steel products.

Structural Steel Info

Technical specifications of structural steel like angle, channel, pipe etc.
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