Lead One.


Lead one is an in-house app developed for a company whose core competency is selling two-wheeler insurance to customers at petrol pumps in a jiffy. On one hand, the app helps the company's management track employee performance, and on the other, it helps collate and store intent verified leads data of potential clients. Employees use the app to check in and out while they are on-field and also capture customer details for reference and future sales.

What we delivered

A few screenshots of our app

How to control the app

A few screenshots of our admin panel

Project Details

Client: Lead One

Requirement: Design Assets + UI/UX + Android Application

Team Size: 3

Project Details

Lead One wanted an application for their sales executives to track their sales and leads in a more sophisticated and simple fashion. They were overjoyed with how effortlessly the admin panel worked in the comparison with how tiresome and tedious the paper-work used to be when they did everything manually.

Project Features.

The blocks that made the building

Check-in/ Check-out

Allow your sales executives to transmit their 'check-in' and 'check-out' credentials while they are on-field. Ensure that they are at the right place by verifying their currect location at the time of checking in and out.

Add Lead

This function allows you to create a lead within seconds.

View Lead/ Sales Report

Review the sales and leads generated by your team for multiple products on a daily basis.

View Check-in/ Check-out

Take your attendance muster digital. Track the date, time and location of your employees' swipe ins and outs on-the-go.
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