Le Mill.

Le Mill Fashion x Last Local Design = Magic

Le Mill wanted to take their store to their clients in the most seamless fashion. Clean Layouts, strong colors and beautiful designs is what this app is all about.

What we delivered

A few screenshots of our app

Project Details

Client: Le Mill

Requirement: UI/UX + iOS Application

Team Size: 3

Project Details

Cecilia and Le Mill came to us one with one primary requirement. Take their store to their VIP clients without compromising on the exclusive feel of the store. We absolutely loved working with people who design and are delighted with how the Le Mill digital store has turned out.

Project Features.

The blocks that made the building

Shopability of products

Le Mill's entire range is shoppable through this gorgeous and easy to use app.

Appointment Request

Le Mill's customers can now request for an appointment with a bouquet of clothes they want to try on.

Product Favorite & Order

Options to favorite and shortlist products in addition to placing orders for them is extremely easy & convenient through this app.

Filter & Sort

Users have the options of filtering and sorting through price ranges, designer, color & size.

Gorgeous Live Store

Le Mill's digital store is as good as their brick and mortar store. Through our design, they can even renovate and change the look of their store on a daily basis with the help of a few clicks.

Branding and Social Media

We have integrated all of Le Mill's Social Media platform as well as the blog on one single platform.

Customer Updates

Le Mill intends to stay on top of their customer's mind by updating them about their sales and new collections through push notifications.

Ease of use and update

Most of our design is focused towards making sure that Le Mill's app updates are in their hand and are very easy to execute.
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